bio....warren brewer.
AKA DR Engraving
I have been interested in engraving since receiving my first "Hubley" cap pistol at age three with stamped engraving. Though my interest in firearms remained constant, my commitments changed. A stint of college, five years in the active US Army, marriage, farming, a couple of hitches with the National Guard and finally a 30 year career in law enforcement and corrections, took priority.

In 2002, with the blessing of my bride and the encouragement of several pivotal mentors, I attended the first of several NRA summer programs on engraving at Murray State College in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. This class was taught by Jessie Houser, one of the finest hand engravers of the last quarter century. Though the
initial instruction was a basic overview on engraving, it lit the fire of interest that had lain dormant for several decades. Upon my return from Oklahoma I practiced. Along with the necessary practice, I received encouragement and patronage from mentors such as OJ Stone of OJ Stone Custom Knives, Ron Powers of Power Custom/Grand Master LLC, Bart Ballew founder of Circle Bar-T Leather, and Marty Overstreet, current owner of Circle Bar-T Leatherworks.

I was also very fortunate to gain some early recognition due to exposure in SHOOT Magazine and Young Shooters Magazine, under the helm of editor in chief, Andy Fink. My wonderful bride, Chris serves as my in-house artistic critic and excellent web-master.

Without the above mentioned people and their collective support, I would not be entering my eighth year of business. I am thankful to my Creator that my meager talents have been appreciated and I have been able to enhance and embellish personal heirlooms for several people over the years.

My style is mostly "American Scroll"; pioneered by the Masters such as
Nimschke, Young, and Ulrich, who established the engraving bench mark for the latter half of the 19th century. That being said, I will emulate other styles if desired by my customers. I will not copy exactly any pattern performed by a pervious artist, however, I will engrave similar styles should that be requested. All my engraving work is done by hand; I use the "chasing" method of hammer and chisel. I feel that there is a market niche for those who truly would like to own a one of a kind, hand engraved heirloom that they can add to their personal legacy. DR Engraving welcomes your input, questions, and the opportunity to work with you on your unique project.